Someone used this word in the chatterbox, and I was forced - forced, I tell you, by powers beyond your wildest dreams! - to create, and then fill, a nodeshell for it.

Children need more and more algebra as they grow to meet their changing mathematical needs. Algebrix is a delicious, crunchy cereal that fulfills your child's daily linear-algebraic needs. The new formula gradually advances your child's quantum-mechanical state as they grow.

To learn the total amount of Algebrix Cereal your child needs daily, simply take your child's age and add ei·pi. And remember, as your children get more Algebrix, make sure they get more classical music as well. Among the most widely accepted sources of mathematics for children are the Mathematics Metanode and Georg Cantor, as well as physics-based and EE-based cereals.

Whether it's part of a complete breakfast or eaten as a snack, these cereals are a "content-full" food children are sure to eat!

I try to make softlinks interesting.

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