Like a speakeasy, The place to go after the regular circuit of legal drinking establishments are shut. These operations run from around 2-7am, though some run from 7am onwards. Often involving a DJ spinning house or techno music to pump the crowd that's high on any number of drug substances. Sometimes you can get beer, but the places that serve illegally are more often called boozecans

Many afterhours clubs and bars are invite only, or are very difficult to get into unless you know the right people, such as the management or owners. For those that find the 2am shut down of clubs too early, you can go out and keep dancing all night and day. Unlike raves, in that there are often comfortable places to sit down, snuggle with friend, and possibly buy a drink or something else.

A very common venue in places that have draconian closing times of 2 AM. Less common in more tolerant locales, where there is no need for due to liberal closing times, or in some progressive locales, no closing time whatsoever, i.e. Downtown Miami and Las Vegas.

It's a common misconception that the people that go there are universally high as a kite or otherwise incapacitated. Often, people I know will go to a club at a late hour to avoid the general crowd and give time for the screamingly-drunk and the fabulous crowd to come and go.

Afterhours, whether they be like a juice bar, or be in posession of a 24 hour liquor license, are a great idea, as people are more inclined to stay to sober up, and go home safely.

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