Autobuses De Oriente
or buses of the east is the bus company you're most likely to use next time you're backpacking in Mexico. They've got comfy new Mercedes-Benz buses, show cheesey movies, and tend not to fall off cliffs.

Also a song about said company by Maná.

Also a a rapid bustling commotion as in Much Ado About Nothing.

A*do" (#), (1) v. inf., (2) n. [OE. at do, northern form for to do. Cf. Affair.]


To do; in doing; as, there is nothing.

"What is here ado?"

J. Newton.


Doing; trouble; difficulty; troublesome business; fuss; bustle; as, to make a great ado about trifles.

With much ado, he partly kept awake. Dryden.

Let's follow to see the end of this ado. Shak.


© Webster 1913.

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