When one completely reverse one's point of view on an issue. For example, "After, John Howard saw the polls on reconciliation with the Aboriginal community; he made an about face and apologised for Australia's past injustices, after years of refusing to do so". Now if only this were to come true ...

About Face is also the name of one of David Gilmour's solo albums (he's the guitarist from Pink Floyd. It's not great stuff. While his guitar-playing is up-to-scratch, the songwriting sucks. Well, not sucks, it's just mediocre.

The title of a classic reference book in the field of Human-Computer Interface, written by Alan Cooper (full title: About Face: The Essentials of User Interface Design). It's a big, thick book in the manner of computer how-tos, which exhaustively documents Cooper's goal-centered approach to UI design for everything from individual widgets to whole applications. Its sister book, The Inmates Are Running The Asylum, deals more with the advocacy side of being an interface designer.

Drill command

Calling the command
Preparatory command: About
Command of execution:Face (may be pronounced "Hace")

On the command of execution, place the toe of your right foot one foot-length behind and to the left of your left heel. Maintaining your balance, pivot on the right toe and left heel clockwise 180 degrees. Drop your feet into the position of attention.

Your arms should not move during this movement.

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