Hebrew for 'whore'.

Common usage:

  • Ben Zona - son of a bitch/whore

  • Ima'shcha Zona - your mother is a whore

  • Ya Ben Elef Zonot - you son of a thousand whores

  • Hashofet Ben Zona - the referee is a son of a bitch (popular in Israeli Soccer matches)

  • etc...

    Zo"na (?), n.; pl. Zonae (#). [L., a girdle. See Zone.]

    A zone or band; a layer.

    Zona pellucida. [NL.] Biol. (a) The outer transparent layer, or envelope, of the ovum. It is a more or less elastic membrane with radiating striae, and corresponds to the cell wall of an ordinary cell. See Ovum, and Illust. of Microscope. (b) The zona radiata. -- Zona radiata [NL.] Biol., a radiately striated membrane situated next the yolk of an ovum, or separated from it by a very delicate membrane only.


    © Webster 1913.

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