Ethereal, dark, and moody, Zerospace is the sophomore release by the Kidneythieves. It's best described as an angry collision of Massive Attack and Lacuna Coil; while unquestionably heavy rock, it has a much more melodic edge than you'd expect.

Singer Free Dominguez has an incredible voice and uses it to full effect, screaming on some tracks ("Black Bullet", "Glitter Girl"), snarling on others ("Zerospace", "Crazy"), and singing--quite well, I might add--on the rest (particularly "Serene Dream" and the haunting, whispered "Take a Train (Awakening)").


  1. Before I'm Dead
  2. Zerospace
  3. Arsenal
  4. Molten
  5. Black Bullet
  6. Dyskrasia
  7. Spank
  8. Glitter Girl
  9. Serene Dream
  10. Amnzero
  11. Crazy (Patsy Cline cover)
  12. Placebo
  13. Take a Train (Awakening)

Alternately soaring and whispered, Zerospace is a nearly-flawless album. It's poignant, emotional, vitrolic, and absolutely stunning in its complete insanity, and while every song is quite good, the best tracks are probably Zerospace, Arsenal, Glitter Girl, Serene Dream, Dyskrasia, and Crazy. Basically, any track on this album would be the standout track for any other album, which is part of why it's so great! Any fans of goth or industrial rock are sure to love Zerospace, and its companion album Trickster. With a little publicity, Kidneythieves could EASILY become "The Next Big Thing"; they have the talent, both instrumentally and vocally, and they have the emotion.

Give Zerospace a shot; you'll be glad you did.

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