An unbelievably talented rock group hailing from Los Angeles, CA. Composed primarily of the vocal talents of Free Dominguez and the arrangement/production of Bruce Somers, KT has managed to create a bizarre, edgy and absolutely intoxicating blend of hard rock and electronica, featuring catchy lyrics, fabulous riffs, and a cohesiveness and dedication that is apparent from the first listen. Some of the most original, unique music of the last ten years.

Kidneythieves are unapologetically loud, angsty, and borderline profound; every song usually has some much more significant meaning than the one that's most obvious.

The Kidneythieves:

  • free dominguez - vocals
  • bruce somers - arrangement & production
  • chris schleyer - guitar
  • christian dorris - bass
  • sean sellers - drums

So far, the Kidneythieves have produced 2 1/2 abums:

The last is mainly a reprocess and remastered version of the original album, "Trickster", however it does have two new songs, including KT's best yet, "Veteran".

What People Are Saying:

  • "Zerøspace is the place you find balance," explains vocalist and lyricist Free Dominguez. "This record is all about the search for balance in life, and how you really can't ever find it unless you acknowledge the presence of and understand the extremes."

  • "The Kidneythieves have never been the typical band. Since their first release, Trickster, in 1998 to their recent release, Zerøspace, the band has been refining their heavy sound, manipulating it into tight, otherworldly form. Their industrial impulses entangle with techno beats over the hum of sometimes delicate, sometimes vicious female vocals." -- In Your Ear Magazine

  • "Kidneythieves strike that balance of sinister and sexy that appeals directly to goth & industrial fans, but also has a broader rock appeal thanks to the considerable physical and vocal charms of Dominguez." -- PopMatters Magazine

Where You May Have Heard Them:

  • The song "Before I'm Dead" was played in the Queen of the Damned Soundtrack
  • Five songs from "Trickstereprocess" are used in Deus Ex 2: Invisible War
  • Various Kidneythieves songs have been used in games by Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA)

All in all, HIGHLY worth checking into, if you like heavy, carefully-constructed "rocktronica". Their website offers plenty of song samples to get a feel for this band's unique sound.

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