Zell Dincht

Zell Dincht is a character from Square's Final Fantasy VIII. He's a blonde martial arts expert, whose weapon is his fancy gloves. Zell is a fairly distinctive looking character, with black tribal tattoos on the sides of his face, and he wears a pair of baggy shorts, no matter what the weather. He is 17 years old in the game, and his date of birth is given as the 17th March - Saint Patrick's Day!

Along with Seifer Almasy and Squall Leonhart, Zell is training to become a SeeD at Balamb Garden at the start of the game. His parents live in Balamb town, and he is training to become a great warrior like his grandfather; but later on in the game, we learn that Zell was actually an orphan, and adopted by his "parents" at the age of 5.

Zell has a kinda dumb, but likeable personality. He's always seeking Squall's approval and friendship (as Squall was appointed the leader on their first mission), but Squall continually snubs him. He seems rather naive as well, compared to some of the other characters (especially Irvine), but he's fiercely loyal to his friends. He also has quite a temper, and is easily wound up by Seifer's taunts ("Chicken wuss!").

When it comes to gameplay, Zell is a fairly average character. His physical attacks can be fairly powerful, although the parts required to upgrade his gloves are among the toughest in the game to acquire. He's an average magic-user, but his limit breaks can be spectacular. Basically, Zell's limit break is always a "combo"; as he gains levels, he learns new moves to use. These can be quite tricky to master, but the amount of damage done is probably second only to Irvine's armour shot.


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  • Many hours spent playing FF VIII.

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