Zamoyski Resturant & Vodka Bar
85 Fleet Road
London NW3 2QY

If you've become bored or jaded with the usual cuisines available around London, Zamoyski's is a must. A small family-run restaurant, slightly off the beaten track you can either take somebody Polish along to translate the menu, or ask the very helpful staff for an explanation. However whatever you choose you probably won't regret it; Polish food, like most northern European cookery, concentrates on the intermingling of strong-flavoured foodstuffs rather than clever spicing, and what you'll get is something like a cross between German and Balkan cuisine.

As well as the food they have an array of plain and flavoured vodkas to make you swoon. WARNING do not be tempted into a drinking competition with one of the little old men who inhabit the bar. Nobody knows whether it's the Poles, the Russians or the Finns who have the highest tolerance for vodka, but they can all make utter mincemeat of pansy westerners! You will also have to book on a Friday or Saturday night.

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