Yuengling Porter is my favorite beer in the whole wide world. It is brewed by Yuengling in Pottsville, Pennsylvania.

To me, Yuengling Porter is the epitome of porter beer. Dark, rich, slightly bitter, with soft chocolate and coffee overtones, it goes well with any meal, or as a meal in itself. I have yet to find another porter that can even come close to this fine product. A lot of other porters try to make up for their natural lack of flavor by adding chocolate or coffee to the brew. They usually add way too much of this "artificial" flavoring and wind up with some candy-tasting sludge.

If you are ever in PA or NJ, try to pick up some Yuengling Porter and give it a try. If a lighter beer is more to your taste, I highly recommend Yuengling Lager. Their Premium beer is decent, the Black and Tan is divine, and their light is to be avoided at all costs.

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