”We all have our price, what’s yours?”
youwhores.com tagline

You Whores is, as explained on their Notice page, a site for advertising an activity or service that you are willing to perform, and the price you are charging for said activity. This, in turn, means that it is also a place to browse the services that others have to offer and determine for which you are willing to “pay the price.” Also stated on the Notice page is the fact that You Whores is not a porn site – the “whoring” being referred to is the prostitution of one’s talents and services to anyone with the cash to spend.

I will ignore you
For absolutely no charge, I will COMPLETELY ignore you. Just as if you didn't exist.

Dave Clambake
United Kingdom - 02/07/04

The services offered on You Whores run the gamut from offers for sex to tech support to the sale of something called the “Wild Warbush,” which may or may not cause damage to soil and atmosphere and can (possibly) be kept in check with gasoline. The vast majority of the entries are hoaxes from bored individuals with nothing better to do, but a few actually seem to be legit.

Yes Man
Every wanted to always be right? Well look no further for Mr. Right than me. I will indulge you with agreeing to everything you say. Hours are limited. Call for reservations.

United States of America - 02/07/04

A simple user-recommendation system called Black Stars has been implemented by the site to denote creative-yet-realistic submissions, though I have yet to see a single submission upvoted in this fashion.

So there you have it. You Whores. A place to prostitute your talents and services and the very things that make you who you are. Now, I wonder how much I could get for that thing I can do with a pair of lederhosen and a breakfast burrito

All services quoted taken from the You Whores website, www.youwhores.com

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