CD released in 2001 by A Perfect Circle's violinist/bassist Paz Lenchantin that contains 10 songs she wrote mostly during her teenage years. The only instruments not played by Paz on the disc are the drums (played by Ryeland Alison) and the guitar on the song "T.V. snow" (played by her brother Luciano Lenchantin). All the songs were written and produced by Paz. The CD is available from her website ( for $15 (USD), payable by money order. The website states for a limited time the album will come with a note from Paz as an expression of appreciation for the purchase (this is true, mine did). The picture on the album's cover is of Paz with a lemon in her mouth, wearing a lemon yellow dress, holding a plate of lemons in one hand and what looks like a squeezable mustard bottle with "Paz" on it in the other. The music is somewhat quirky yet soothing.

Track list:

  1. missin'
  2. dusty dolls
  3. blue sky shoe shine
  4. Y a r r o  w
  5. she can soup
  6. lil'tree
  7. T.V. snow
  8. video game
  9. rainbow Zen
  10. U

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