An 8-voice polyphonic analog synthesizer with a 61-note aftertouch sensitive keyboard. Released in 1977.

The CS-60 is basicially a scaled down version of the CS-80. It features one VCO switchable between sawtooth, square and PWM waveforms. There is also a sub-oscillator with sine, ramp up/down, square and noise.
The filter section offers resonant high- and low-pass VCFs with a simple ADR envelope generator.
An ADSR EG as well as a separate sine wave oscillator are included on the VCA.

A ring modulator is available, and identical to the one on the CS-80. It offers controls for depth (maximum frequency), speed, modulation and attack/decay times.
The internal memory holds 12 preset instruments, but there is only one user programmable patch.
Other features include global brilliance/resonance, fine/coarse tuning, sustain, portamento/glissando and transposition. Instead of the typical pitch bend wheel there is a ribbon controller. Pedal and external audio inputs are included in addition to the line/headphone outputs.

1109 x 942 x 550mm

Preset Sounds:
string 1-2
brass 1-2
electric piano
guitar 1-2
funky 1-2

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