Sequel to X-COM:UFO Defense, supposedly takes place underwater, yet oddly everything seems act in an identical manner. From what I've played so far, every single weapon, ship & alien is identical to the original, except for the different graphics and names. For example, in UFO Defense you would have a rifle, in this a harpoon gun. Instead of a rocket launcher, there is a torpedo launcher. Everything is the exact same. This game is a very thinly concealed attempt to milk to X-COM franchise for all it's worth.

Well as posted earlier, everything is the same, almost.

Still I consider it a greater challenge than X-COM UFO Defence (enemy unknown). Maps are almost always bigger and with more obstacles. The research tree has been modified to be more complex, and not so obvious. There are new races to fight, among those the evil lobstermen.

Well, if you like X-Com UFO Defence then you'll probably want to finish this game off too.

Check for Kuo-Sheng Kasey Changs for more information. It covers the most of the game and is a great source of information.

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