Lobster Men From Mars (1990 - PG) is the best worst movie ever made, IMO. Done in true Naked Gun style, LMfM spoofs campy horror and sci-fi movies from film's golden age. The plot is about a boy who writes a script for a movie and pitches it to his uncle's production company. This company needs to release a bomb for unspecified tax reasons, so the script is accepted. Soon, we see the uncle and nephew in a screening room, and the other movie in this movie starts.

The plot of "Lobster Men from Mars" (the script written by the boy) centers around a lobsterman who (naturally) comes to earth on a paper-plate...err.. flying saucer in an attempt to steal Earth's air becuase they need it on Mars. Two piknicers who are near the landing site are entrusted to save the world. Pretty soon, people are being attacked by flying bat-lobster things, so, naturally, the US Armed Forces are called in to save the day. Well, we assume so, we're only shown a four star general barking out orders in his jeep.

Nitpickers will have a field day with all of the intentional flubs in the movie (for example, some scenes are from the Lobsterman's POV. We see him running after people, swinging his arms infront of him, his giant (rubber) claw on his right hand. The shot will then cut to a third-person POV, then back to first person. Except this time, the claw is on the left hand side.) The movie is funny as hell, and corny as hell too. If you like campy movies, parodies, or just parody in general, check out "Lobster Men From Mars".

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