track 7
X and P

X, and P
And after all, it's what the writing does for me
Me, and you
Nate only knows the false face we all use is true
"Format!" he cried from his throne
and my first node fried
And then DMan spat, and the lines on the E front map moved from side to side
E, E2
And who knows who nuked which, and who raped who
Up and Down
They'll vote you high, or deep into the ground, the underground
Haven't you heard it's a battle of words
I post my node tonight
Listen son, said P_I with his bum
Epoxied to his pentium bride

DMan and Uberfetus
They're kids from Cornell that say "fuck that place to hell"
Yossarian and Fez
And who'll deny that they're both fucked up in the heads?
Get out of the way, juliet's on the way
Her pom-poms both held high
For want of a decent node to relate to
My brain just died.


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