Wow! ™ chips are another great snack choice from Frito-Lay and one that lets you enjoy all the taste of the snacks you love with less fat and calories.

Introduced in 1998, the Wow! line of chips includes Doritos, Lays, and Ruffles varieties. They are made with Olean, a supposedly fat-free cooking oil made from soybeans. Wow! offers snacking at reduced calorie, cholesterol and fat intake without any noticeable taste difference.

Despite original problems with the chemical's taste and digestion, products made with Olestra (Olean® brand) have since been improved. There is no truth to the rumor that Wow! brand chips warn of loose stool and cramping on the packaging, although the very thought is enough to keep me away from them. The FDA has approved the use of Olestra, which has also received the thumbs-up by the American Medical Association and the American Heart Association. All the same, if you're concerned about your diet, have an apple.

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