Free online game server for the games Worms: Armageddon and Worms World Party. In its present incarnation, it's nothing more than an IRC server with a few modifications including rank (nonfunctional... see below), game hosting, and numerous status options.

In theory, WormNet was meant to have a ranking system, wherein players who played in the ranked channels with locked options earned rank by defeating other worms. In the beginning, this worked fairly well; all they did was change some options here and there so it wasn't so damn long to finish a Beginner-ranked game (200hp, 25min games, 8 worms/team? A bit long, really).

However, some bastard came by, managed to bypass security checks on the usernames on the server, and got access to everybody's logins, forcing Team17 to shut off ranks entirely. As it stands now, all you can play are either unranked, full-out games (You set ALL the options), or unranked games that lock to the old, ranked options. Ah, well.

WormNet is not to be confused with the old Worms2 servers; those, in contrast, were much more simplistic, weren't all that centralized, and had no ranking system.

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