World2ch, pronounced as World Ni-Channel, is a recently-created English version of Ni-Channel, a popular Japanese forum famous for its ASCII art and socially-liberating discussion.

From the original 2ch, World2ch has retained both the ASCII art and some interesting aspects that separate it from the average English-language forum. The two that most define the character of World2ch are the prevalence of anonymous posting and the lack of moderation.

Posting can be done quickly under any name, and without an IP number tagging your post. You can say whatever you want, you can assume any identity, you can troll and you can spam, and it will not be deleted.

A pleasant result is that forum celebrity is neither respected nor common, as there are no fixed user names, no post counts, and few people who post under the same name for more than a month or so. Everyone is on equal footing, and there is nothing that prevents a newbie from inserting him/herself into the fray, immediately, without any clumsy introduction.

Predictably, intelligent conversation is rare. But World2ch is not the place for discussing anything of great depth. It is for those who want to write something silly without consequence. Posts consisting of one word or one line are perfectly normal, and trolls are more amusing than irritating.

However, because some of the forum's conventions and traditions are a little off-putting, there is not much activity on the site. And there are plenty of offensive topics ready to shock anyone attempting to treat the site seriously.

For further information: -- The forum itself. -- The Japanese version.

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