Wolfgang Hohlbein is one of the more well-known and respectable Fantasy writers in Germany. He was born on the 15th of August, 1953. Since the 1960s he has called Neuss, near Düsseldorf, his home.

W.H started off his career early in his life by writing short science-fiction stories. In 1980 he write his first publicized story "Hamlet 2007" for the "Transgalaxis Magazin". After that success W.H wrote a couple horror/mystery stories under an alias. W.H's career really took off in 1982 when, together with his wife Heike, he wrote the best-seller "Märchenmond". In the next 10 years, Hohlbein cranked out huge fantasy books at a record pace.

Wolfgang Hohlbein hasn't consigned himself to simply writing Fantasy and Science Fiction. He also lays claim to children's books, historical books, horror/mystery series and film books. Slowly but surely, W.H is rising to international fame, as his books are methodically being translated into many other languages, including English.

Some of Wolfgang Hohlbein's best-sellers:

  • Märchenmond

  • Märchenmond's Kinder

  • Märchenmond's Erben

  • Drachenfeuer

  • Das Druidentor

  • Spiegelzeit

  • Azrael

  • Der Hexer von Salem

  • Der Widersacher

  • Wolfsherz
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