Wkd is a vodka based alcopop that has been particularly marketed at the male drinker, as have most alcopops recently. It comes in three different flavours: Orange (Irn-Bru – Bubblegum, cream soda and burnt plastic), Blue (Artificial raspberry and very sweet) and Silver (Flavour unknown so far. Testing will commence shortly). Wkd is packaged in 275ml or 700ml bottles which give you 5% ABV for your money. It is also possible to get ‘Wkd Shot’ in both orange and blue, which is 40% ABV. As an extra bonus, contained within Wkd is a healthy dose of caffeine, to keep you dancing (or other energetic activity) all night long!

Wkd is currently one of the best selling “ready to drink”s in the UK, probably due to their £20 million a year advertising budget.

You’ll mostly find this ‘interesting’ beverage being consumed by clubbing types who want to get drunk and look cool rather than those who want to enjoy a nice quiet pint in their local pub.

An 275ml bottle of Wkd will contain a whopping 220 Kcal, which is why you get fat if you don’t dance whilst drinking it.

Having drunk Wkd Blue on a few occaisions, I would like to offer a review: Drinking Wkd Blue is like having cheap ice pops as a child. The colours and flavourings used to get me jacked up to an insane state and I’d run around screaming for an hour or two. Now that feeling can be recreated again through the beauty of sugar, caffeine and alcohol. Even that ‘blue’ flavour of has been recreated. Don’t drink too much though or you will have a proper hangover.

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