Captain Scarlet
Episode two

The second episode of Captain Scarlet, this is the first time that The Mysterons actually achieve their stated goal.

We start in a city street. A man is asleep in a hotel room, when a silhouette abseils down into the window. He brings out a rifle and is just aiming at the man when he is shot himself. The lights are turned on and we see Captain Grey stood holding his pistol towards the window. The camera focuses on the man in the bed's pyjamas and we see the hold the insignia of the Director General of the United Asian Republic.

During the opening credits of the show we hear The Mysterons announcing how they plan to assassinate the Director General.

On Cloudbase, Colonel White tells members of Spectrum of The Mysterons' intentions and that the Director General must be protected.

In Cloudbase's sickbay we see Captain Scarlet hooked up to some sort of testing equipment. He is being examined by Doctor Faun who gives the Captain a clean bill of health following his fatal car crash and subsequent resurrection. Colonel White then allows Captain Scarlet to resume duty at once. Captain Scarlet and Captain Blue leave on a Spectrum jet for London.

Colonel White orders the launch of all Angels, who are to proceed to London International Airport. Colonel White says that within an hour the airport will be sealed, but has a bad feeling that someone is making plans to break that seal.

At New York airport, aeroplane DT-19 is just taking off for London International Airport. Captain Black looks on from an observation tower.

On the ground, Captains Blue and Scarlet land about thirty miles away from London and requisition a Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle to drive the rest of the way.

Back in the air, aeroplane DT-19 is developing engine troubles. First one, then another engine fails. The crew attempt to send out a mayday but the radio has been cut off. Aeroplane DT-19 crashes into the ocean and is destroyed.

Above the ocean, an exact duplicate of aeroplane DT-19 is flying towards London. The Mysterons' trademark double-ring shines over the aeroplane, indicating that it is indeed a Mysteron impostor.

On Cloudbase Colonel White is overlooking the operation to secure London International Airport. Captain Grey is in charge of escorting the Director General from his hotel room to the airport, and is busy reassuring him. Meanwhile, an oil tanker truck is pulling up at the back of the hotel. This is in fact the Director General's inconspicuous-looking vehicle that he will travel to the airport in. At the front of the hotel, a decoy motorcade made up of marked Spectrum vehicles departs as a ruse to deceive any would-be attackers.

At London International Airport, Captain Blue contacts Colonel White and informs him that the airport has been secured.

In the air, aeroplane DT-19 requests permission to land.

Captain Scarlet begins to feel dizzy and nauseous as aeroplane DT-19 comes in to land. This is when we learn another of Captain Scarlet's abilities - he can sense when a Mysteron agent is nearby although at the time he shrugs off the pain.

The Director General's tanker enters the airport. The Director General boards his private jet. Meanwhile in the control tower there are reports of problems with aeroplane DT-19, which won't open its doors. The air traffic controller looks into the cockpit of the aeroplane with binoculars and finds that it is totally deserted. At that moment we see a lever being thrown in the cockpit and the aeroplane start to move away - even though the landing gantries are still engaged. The two Captains realise that the plane is a Mysteron booby trap and move to stop it.

In the Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle on the runway, Captain Blue orders the angels to attack and destroy aeroplane DT-19. The SPV then sets off in pursuit of the aeroplane itself. The Angels' attack on the plane doesn't seem to phase it. Further up the runway the Director General's jet is taxiing for take-off. The SPV is now in range to shoot out aeroplane DT-19's tyres but for some reason all of the weapons are jammed. Captain Scarlet takes it upon himself to eject Captain Blue and ram the aeroplane's tyres with the SPV. Captain Scarlet just manages to take out the tyres just in time, but the resulting explosion sends him veering off into a small building at the side of the runway, seemingly killing him.

Taking out the tyres was not enough however, as the taking-off Director General's jet clips aeroplane DT-19, causing it to crash-land and explode, killing the Director General.

Afterward, and airport worker is talking with Captain Blue and comments how it is a pity Captain Scarlet died for nothing.

Of course we know that Captain Scarlet is indestructible and would be back the next episode to fight The Mysterons.

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