If I had to pick one mall in NJ to go to out of all the others, it'd be the Willowbrook mall. While it's a far cry from the perfect mall, it has it's advantages.

First, I'll explain the basic layout. The easiest way to describe it is a cross. Think the holy version, though, where the top "arm" is smaller than the others. This smaller top section would be the Willowbrook mall food court. While offering a suprisingly interesting variety of stands to eat at, things are quite expensive. Kudos to them for having a Popeye's there, but a big thumbs-down for charging more than the independent Popeye's places on Route 4 and 17, and only giving you one side with your meal (the others give you two sides and a huge freakin' drink with your meal for slightly less).

The "bottom" section of the cross is one of the three wings that simply contain stores. This section contains a candy vendor at the end who usually has a nice variety of Jelly Belly (including the frustratingly hard-to-find Red Apple flavor), but aside from that, there are few stores worth bothering to even glance at.

Then there's the "left and right" sections. One has virtually naught in the way of interesting boutiques, and the other is far more entertaining, containing stores like Hot Topic and Fye Electronics. It is also this wing that will take you to the mall's arcade, Fun 'n Games. While ModernAngel briefly touched on the arcade, it deserves it's own writeup, as it's considered one of the best arcades in NJ, period. While it's generally good with providing new releases of all kinds, you'd be well-advised to visit if you're a fan of Dance Dance Revolution, as few places in NJ import the newest mixes faster (apparently there's a Dave & Busters somewhere in NJ that accquired DDRMAX2 before Fun 'N Games, and an arcade down the shore on the Boardwalk that's packed with all sorts of Bemani games). Interestingly enough, the arcade is attached to the mall, but you enter it without being forced to go through the mall itself. This works out nicely, as Fun N' Games is usually open later than the mall on any given day (currently, on Fridays they're open until 1 am!).

Finally, there's a smaller second floor, that contains a Wizards of the Coast gaming shop and a Suncoast, but little else of interest.

Overall, there's little to be dissapointed with in this mall, aside from the pricey food court and odd lack of variety with regards to pure video/computer game stores (There's two stores, but oddly enough, they're both the exact same company (the name eludes me at the moment).

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