William Casey was responsible for much off the lies and deceit surrounding US intervention in Nicaragua. A promminent hard-liner, and thorough believer that the Sandinista government needed to be expunged. Original US involvement was disguised on his part as interdicting arms shipments to Salvadoran leftist guerillas. Through deceit he managed to perpetuate the use of US aid, although illegal through the Boland Ammendment, to the Nicaraguan contra counterevolutionaries. When he had to brief the congressional intelligence committee he would mumble incomprehensibly many times. He often mispronounced Nicaragua, which everntually led to the joke that he shouldn't be allowed to overthrow the government of any country he can't pronounce.

Casey often contradicted congress in his actions. He did solicit aid from "third countries" and he did involve the US in the disruption of Nicaragua's government. When reports of the mining of Nicaragua's harbors surfaced he informed congress that they were the result of local nationalist groups. When conclusive evidence that the CIA was directly involved was shown, he became apolegetic despite the fact that he had strongly endorsed the idea when his subordinate, Dewey Clarridge had proposed it. The CIA Murder Manual came about by his desire that the Contras become a more influential fighting force. Despite many lies surrounding its supposed illicit editions. most of the extremely questionable sections had been approved by the president and himself.

William Casey was a dangerous man, also not one to sit around waiting for approval. "You didn't wait six months for a feasability study to prove that an idea could work. You gambled that it might work." Always one to try and find loopholes in legislation. What he managed to accomplish as director of the CIA is frightening.

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