The new face given to the recently resurrected School of the Americas, which was shut down in 1999 due to mounting popular pressure, still located in the same facility in Fort Benning, Georgia. It seems the school is designed to give a kinder, gentler approach to training in assassination, torture, and kidnapping.

The new approach speaks volumes about the United States' methods of diplomacy and foreign policy. The school will focus on the war on drugs as well as anything else which can be viewed underneath the vague umbrella of promoting regional stability (the cornerstone theory of modern foreign intervention). The United States seems to believe that economic control is the most viable option for maintaining its position, which must be maintained by the stability (i.e., promotion of democracy and capitalism) of third-world nations, especially in regions like South America, where weak governments lead to instability and the spread of drug manufacture.

Thus, I have no doubt that courses on counter insurgency (armed rebellion to overthrow hostile governments), sniper training (assassination), interrogation and ground intelligence (torture], as well as many others will continue.

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