CD series featuring lounge-style vocalists from the 1950s and 1960s, including Wayne Newton, Bobby Darin, and Mel Torme. From the Ultra-Lounge website:

These days, everybody within reach of a microphone calls themselves a saloon singer. Talkshow tinklers, B-list belters all lay claim to the job description. But there was a time (not all that long ago) when a saloon singer was someone who actually sang in a saloon. In the case of Las Vegas, saloon singers sang in the casino bar and, more importantly, the lounges. Those are the types of singers on this CD. Think of this CD as a remake of Ocean's Eleven-- the ultra-hip movie in which the Rat Pack gets together for one more Vegas caper. Wild, Cool, & Swingin' assembles a crew of Vegas heavies and assigns them a mission-- bring back the lounges! 18 of the swingin'est vintage vocals by the kings and queens of cool. After just one listen, your fingers will be raw from snapping, your toes will bleed from tapping and your grinning teeth will need recapping!

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