King of Kent 693-725

Wihtraed, was the son of Ecgbert I and the brother of Eadric who was the last of the Aescingas to rule Kent before the West Saxons came to raid and burn the land.

It was Wihtraed who came to restore the power of the Aescingas in Kent which he purchased from king Ine of Wessex for the price of thirty thousand pounds. As the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle relate he held a great council at Bapchild where he presided with the Archbishop of Canterbury, Brihtwald, and Bishop Tobias of Rochester. There it was decided that "Kings shall appoint earls, and aldermen, sheriffs, and judges; but the archbishop shall consult and provide for God's flock"

His three sons were Aethelbert, Eadbert and Alric and of these it was the first named that was to succeeed on his death.

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