King of Kent 725-760

Aethelbert, the second of that illustrious name to rule the kingdom Kent, came to the throne on the death of his father Wihtraed in the year of our lord 725.

Aethelbert was only one of the three sons that Wihtraed sired, and his two brothers Eadbert and Alric were to share in the royal dignity but subservient to Aethelbert as the senior ruler and over-king of Kent. Eadbert it seems was given the west of Kent as his share, but the location of what portion Alric was alloted is not known.

Both of these junior kings were to predecease the senior; Aethelbert himself was to die in the year 760, of his reign the only matter of note that the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle sees fit to mention is the great fire that swept through Canterbury in the year 754.

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