"Your best friend always sticking up for you even when I know you're wrong"
-"Drops of Jupiter" by Train

You have always stuck up for me. Whether I was in the right or in the wrong, whether you believed in what I was fighting for or not, and whether at the moment you liked or hated me. You'd go to blows for me when you felt someone deserved it. It didn't happen very often but you would do it when necessary. I don't know how many times you protected me or stopped me from getting my ass kicked. You spared me a lot of bloodshed. But you also were willing to take my side when I was arguing with you. You'd tell me "I think you're wrong, but..." Even if you didn't agree with me sometimes you still took my side.

"Someday when my life has passed me by
I'll lay around and wonder why you were always there for me...

Some say better things will come our way
No matter what they try to say you were always there for me"

-"Someday" by Sugar Ray

You were always there for me when I needed you. If I called you on the telephone and left you a message you'd call back as soon as you got home. If you were home sometimes you'd drop everything to talk to me if I sounded desperate. If I wrote you an e-mail you'd always respond as soon as you could. We've known each other for almost 18 years and in all that time you've never left me hanging.

Through thick and thin you've always been there for me. Sometimes I wonder why you still are, why you put up with it. I'm overly dramatic, I take too much of your time, and I complain too much but you're always there to listen and not criticize.

Other people don't understand our friendship. Our families, our other friends, our girlfriends, they all say we're bad for each other (well they say I'm bad for you, anyway). But I don't understand them each other. How they're willing to sacrifice friendship for greed, laziness, and trouble.

"We're just two lost souls
Swimming in a fish bowl...

And how we found
The same old fears."

-"Wish You Were Here" by Pink Floyd

I remember out childhood very well. We do a lot together now (double dates, parties, concerts) but I remember our childhood when we did almost everything together. I remember we'd tell horror stories in the dark and scare each other. You were so much better at it than me. I remember how we were both afraid of the dark when we were young but you acted brave even though you were still scared and tried to comfort me.

We both started to become afraid of death at about the same time. It started with the scary stories but it really set in when our classmate Beth Lilliman died of cancer. If she could die then so could we. And we were terrified, not really about dying ourselves, but at the possibility of losing someone close to us like our families, friends, or even each other. Especially each other.

"Closing time
You don't have to go home but you can't stay here...

I know who I want to take me home.
Take me home"

-"Closing Time" by Semisonic

I don't like your girlfriend but I know that she's good for you just as you are good for me. She seems like a bit of a bitch. Of course maybe I'm just jealous of our friendships. I know she can love you in a way that I can't. And she can give you things that I can't. But I feel like your and her relationship is ruining yours and mine.

I enjoy going to bars with you and going to your apartment for a few beers. I feel comfortable saying things drunk that I wouldn't sober. I'm grateful to you for all the nights I got super drunk and you had to drive me home.

Thank-you for being my friend and everything you've done for me.

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