Everything is great, and I don't think I would be exaggerating when I said I love it.

Everything gives me a place to share my feelings and thoughts, on every day life and specific things. It is a place where objective opinions, facts, humor, and emotion meld into one entity. I have spent 2 years here, and there I hope there will be a time when I can log in and say, "Yeah, I remember 10 years ago when e1 had that nasty yellow and red color scheme."

I dedicate this, my 1000th node to everything, Nate Oostendorp, ophie, everyone I have met through this place, and of course all those hot dreamy unix.boys
I love Everything2 because I'm taken for how I think, not where I've come from or what I look like or what my name is.

Everything is a community(for suitably strange definitions of community) based on ideas and knowledge and sharing, not just location or sex or anything base. It's a thing of the mind.

It's one of the few places I've felt really at home.

Ya gotta love that. At least I know I do.

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