Whose Army? is a garage band based in Memphis, TN. The founding members were Clifton Anthony - Vocals & Guitar, Will Forrest - Lead Guitar, Alyssa Moore - Bass & Vocals, and Noyel Gallimore, son of drummer Stan Gallimore of Memphis-based band The Grifters, - Drums. The band was founded sometime in early August 2008 after Moore met Anthony at Midtown Memphis coffee shop Java Cabana. The two started up a band after several failed attempts with others. The young band got several early gigs at the Sansoucci House in Midtown. Gallimore, however, left the band after only a few live performances. The current drummer is Daniel Anderson, and is the only drummer featured on all of Whose Army?'s recordings.

Whose Army? has been described as passionate and energetic, especially live. Their influences include Cloud Cult, Radiohead, and fellow Memphis band and friends The Warble. The band's lyrics and music are written mainly by Anthony and Moore, though other members occasionally contribute. Their sound is described in a post by one Memphis blogger as "material of quality one would expect from a well seasoned song writer". The band has been hailed for their sensitive dynamics and clear electric tone.

So far, Whose Army? has put out two demo albums with five tracks each.

Demo Album 1 recorded by Apogee Sound Recorders in Memphis, TN


1. Everybody Loves Cash

2. Bad Tattoos

3. Modern Entertainment

4. Garden of Soul

5. Mean, Mean Man

Demo Album 2 recorded by Rocket Science Audio in Memphis, TN


1. Hello God

2. When it Burns

3. Mr. Jones

4. Big as a Tree

5. Sleep Through Hurricanes

Whose Army? has a small following within the Midsouth area, and fans can keep up with their shows through their Myspace Music page and their independently operated website, whosearmyband.com.

The band got their name from the popular expression you and whose army?, and more specifically from the title of the Radiohead song You and Whose Army? featured on the 2001 album Amnesiac.

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