Examine the skin of the daikon (Japanese white radish) and remove any root hairs; if the skin is tender, leave it on. With a lemon zester draw long strokes down the length of the daikon until you have about the quantity you would use of lettuce leaves for a mixed salad.

Very fresh daikon can be quite wet, so you may need to press it with your hand to remove excess water. Squeeze a little fresh lemon juice over the threads and toss them. The lemon juice prevents the daikon from discolouring but also works very well with the flavour of shoyu.

Slice silken tofu into bite-sized cubes. Arrange the daikon threads in a serving bowl, add half of the tofu, season with shoyu (soy sauce) and toss lightly. Arrange the rest of the tofu on top, season with more shoyu and a dusting of gomasio(sesame seeds roasted and crushed with salt) and togarashi (Japanese chile powder) or ancho chile powder.

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