Game for SNES. As information on Whirlo is (thankfully) so hard to find on the 'net, I've set to write a review. Whirlo is, quite simply, a lump of sixteen pounds of evil compacted into cartridge format. (or binary data, for you emulator people). The game itself is a sidescrolling, starring a green short fellow with a cabbage for a head and a rake as a weapon. All other heroes get swords, maces or tridents, but not THIS one. He does with a rake. You may think, 'He'll surely get a better weapon later, like all good games.' He doesn't. Your hero (Called Whirlo, of course) has a grand total of two moves: A standard rake swing, and a strange move where he jumps, spins his arm, dives forward with his rake in a devastating attack, and reels around in the ground like an idiot for five seconds. If an enemy rubs against you, tough. The whole game feels horribly sub-par, like you are saving a backyard from a infestation of roaches or something. Even the ending is bad: Whirlo can't destroy the final boss, so a character called Valkyrie (that didn't appear in the game at all until that point) sets off to do it. You don't get to see the boss being killed either. The game ends as Valkyrie appears. And you are left with a feeling that someone has made a fool out of you. If you don't believe me, see for yourself. The game is out there. Go on. I dare you.

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