The main star of Relentless (also called Little Big Adventure or Twinsen's Adventure). Twinsen is a Quetch, descended from the ancient Sendells and destined to end the tyranny of Fun Frock over the land of Twinsun. At the beginning of the game, Twinsen is pretty mediocre, unable to do anything more than jump, punch and kick. As he advances, though, he discovers items from his ancestors, which enable him to work magical powers and lob fireballs at his enemies. Twinsen's control is pretty unique, in that he has four modes of action: Normal (to talk to people and manipulate objects), Athletic (used to run and leap long distances), Aggressive (when you need to hit enemies) and Discreet (to sneak past Fun Frock's armies). His speed and throwing range vary with each mode, allowing several strategies of movement. Unfortunately, Twinsen also has the worst aim in the story of games. He tends to miss most fireballs (until higher levels, when they become semi-guided), and is almost attracted toward walls when in running mode. And when he hits a wall, he reels around for several seconds, usually leading to an instant death by the enemies chasing you. If you get around the controls, though, you'll have fun. Twinsen ends up rescuing his girlfriend Zoe, beating Fun Frock (with his own sword, at that) and saving the world. Not bad for someone that screams from running into a fence.

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