While apparently just a Community Of Intellectuals Talking Unrelated Stuff, E2 actually offers insights into more esoteric topics, such as Socrates' Enemy Xanthippe and Molluscs Affecting Suburban, and Tragically, Urban and Rural Buildings And Transport In Our Nation. There are indepth discussions about Artificial vs. Natural Aardvark Lairs, Oriental Research on American Lunches and Forensic Enquiries To Investigate Solvable Homicides Sometimes Employing X-rays.
Many nodes are dedicated to Butter (Lonely Or With Jelly) On Bread, Swedish Chickens Rapidly Evolving Without Incorporating New Genes and of course Freedom Under the Communist Knife In Neocolonialistic Governments.

Yup, fellow noders, there is a wide variety of interests on E2. Oh, I almost forgot about the Strange Element Xenon.

See also acronyms.

I really didn't want to add this, and if you understood the node, I'm sorry.
However, most people don't seem to get it, so I'll explain - there is a reason I wrote "see acronyms" at the bottom.
If you still don't get it, call me.

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