Born in Texas in 1970, he has been a director, writer, producer and has appeared in at least one of his films (appeared uncredited as the tennis match commentator in his 2001 film the “The Royal Tenenbaums”.) he graduated with a philosophy degree from the University of Texas but in 1994 he released his first film, a short called “Bottle Rocket”, which he directed and co-wrote with Owen Wilson. Two years later the full-length feature film that was developed from the short was released. In 1998 the cult smash “Rushmore” (a large portion of which was filmed at his former high school) put him in the limelight as one of Hollywood’s more promising directors.

He’s best known for some of the more innovative camera angles in his films as well as amazing soundtracks. He currently resides (as of 2002) in New York City.

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