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mission drive within everything
awaken the masses with my message of peace, hope and mexican food
mindless blatherings, paranoid rantings and spending the money i dont have on records i dont need
wherever, its all the same.
we all have our odd behaviors. as long as we dont kill each other in the process it tends to work out in the end
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Kevin Spacey
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Its all been one long, strange roadtrip. For all I know this could be some mass hallucination from lack of sleep. I could be talking to my toaster and not even realize it.

All these people rushing around, trying to make something of themselves and have something to show for their work at the end of the day...I just don’t get it.

node that could have been written about me, probably werent, but still do some justice as to boxing, catgorizing and labeling me:

I sometimes say things that are not literally true
Queer As a Stick
hopeless romantic
I like my women like I like my Ninja fights
Yes I do like boys
indier than thou
I Love my Mommy
The Girl In The Corner
I'm angry, and tired, and sad, and I just don't want to deal with it right now, so fuck off.

A Short List of Things I Would Advise You, a Total Stranger, Not to Do

  • Making fun of queers
  • Having faith in America's public school system
  • Underappreciating public school teachers
  • Missing once in a lifetime oppurtunities
  • Collecting scene points

A Slightly Longer List of Things I Highly Suggest You Attempt