Wembley doubles is a game, based on football, played up and down the UK by schoolchildren.

The basic idea of the game is simple: everyone pairs of with a partner (hence doubles) and your team must score a number of goals to progress to the next round. Once only one team is left that hasn't scored the required number of goals, that team is eliminated and the game starts a new round. The game continues until one team is crowned champion.

Playing conditions: The game is usually played with bags for goal posts and in a concrete playground. The game is usually played with a tennis ball or small football. The game lasts until one team wins.

Referee: The lone goalkeeper acts as the referee. He is supposed to be unbiased but this is rarely the case.

Fouls: If the referee spots a foul then he may give a penalty. If the foul can't be given to any one team, such in the case of handball, then a penalty is given to each team.

Spectacular: At the refereeā€™s digression, he/she may declare a goal to have been spectacular. That goal counts as two.

"Roofing the ball": Anyone who manages to kick the ball onto nearby roofs must get the ball. In addition, penalties are awarded all round.

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