I keep having this dream about Skyler where his head is down. Sometimes I think he is trying to hide that he is sad and sometimes I think he is just plain being sad. I don't want to worry about it, I mean how dumb, to worry over some random image my dumb old brain cooked up. Still I can't quite shake it, these dreams hang over me all the next day, I keep thinking Oh I should call Skyler and be supportive for him while he is going through this thing ... that he is not going through, the thing I fabricated.

Skyler says he puts just a little more stock in dreams than he puts in doom-mongering old hags with chicken bones and tea leaves. But he still asks What do you think it means.

I say Well at least this time I don't think you're dying. I feel like it means there is something going on with you that I am missing. That I am not reading right. Or that I am losing hold of. He doesn't know the answer and neither do I. He says For crying out loud would you take some drugs or something before bed so you don't remember what you dream. But I won't do that. If I'm supposed to worry, I want to.

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