A villain published by DC Comics. The Weather Wizard first appeared in The Flash #110 in 1960.

Mark Mardon was a career criminal having been arrested and convicted of burglary multiple times. While being transported to Tri-State Prison, Mardon was able to escape his guards and flee. Seeking refuge, Mardon sough out is brother Clyde, who was a reclusive scientist who live on a lake nearby where Mardon escaped.

Mardon arrived to find that his brother, lying on the floor of his lab, clutching a pile of notes. Mardon's brother had died of a heart attack, but not before (in a convenient plot twist) discovering a way to control the weather. Clyde had intended to use this new knowledge to help others, but his brother had other ideas. Mardon took the information in his brother's notes and created a small portable device in the shape of a wand that would allow him to create localized weather conditions, both indoors and out. He donned a costume and mask and went on a crime spree as the Weather Wizard.

The Weather Wizard's activities brought him to the attention of the Silver Age Flash and the two battled on a number of ocassions with Mardon ending up on the losing side. He eventually teamed up with others of the Flash's foes to form the Rogues Gallery though with no better results.

Upon the disappearance of the Flash, Mardon hung up his Weather Wizard costume for a time. He did come out of retirement to battle some of his own partners in the Rogues Gallery at the side of the hero Blue Devil.

Then Mardon was approached along with the other members of the Rogues Gallery by Abra Kadabra and offered great power. Mardon and the others accepted and found that they had been tricked into a deal with the demon Neron. Neron sought to use the original Rogues Gallery to entrap the latest person to wear the mantle of the Flash Wally West. The Rogues Gallery were killed and brought back to life with great powers but no souls and unleashed upon the world. They were eventually brought back to normal after the Flash defeated Neron.

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