The story of Waspinator is a very strange one indeed. In the first wave of Beast Wars deluxe figures, Waspinator was one of the best. As his name might imply, he transformed into a wasp. I'm not exactly sure what Waspinator called himself on Cybertron before he adopted his wasp disguise, but I guess that's beside the point.

The Basics

To say that Waspinator wasn't the most eloquent or brilliant transformer is a fairly large understatement. Waspinator had a habit of speaking in the third person (I don't believe he ever used the first-person pronoun) and was not looked upon favorably by his fellow Predacons. Waspinator's canonical origin is somewhat mysterious: when the rogue Predacon Megatron stole the Golden Disk under the purported pretense of finding a huge supply of energon, this bold move afforded him the opportunity to recruit followers who, like himself, were discontent with the "peaceful" life on Cybertron that apparently made Predacons second class citizens compared to the Maximals. Waspinator was one such follower who came along for the ride.

Waspinator on Earth

There really aren't a whole lot of overly positive things to say about Waspinator. He was slow-witted, relatively weak, and none of the other Predacons particularly cared for him. He also had a nasty habit of being blown apart just about every episode. On one occasion, the Decepticon Starscream possessed Waspinator's body and caused all sorts of mayhem that eventually ended with Waspinator getting - you guessed it - blown up. On the plus side, however, Waspinator was a fairly competent if not underrated warrior. He was agile, fast, and had a good bit of firepower with which to back himself up. He also had the distinction of being one of the original 2 Predacons that could fly. Presumably, this made him essential personnel for Megatron. After a while, though, Waspinator grew to resent newer Predacons like Inferno, Quickstrike, Rampage, and Blackarachnia who weren't there at the beginning with Megatron like he was. He then began to realize that he was little more than hired muscle for Megatron and he began to resent his commander as well. This resentment came to a head when he quit the Predacons altogether and opted out of leaving Earth with Megatron and the Maximals. He ruled over the indigenous Cro Magnon population but wore out his welcome and decided to return to Cybertron. There's no telling how many hundreds of years it took him to get there, but when he returned, he was greeted by his former commander and a spark extractor. Waspinator had his spark taken from his body and sealed in storage. Eventually Megatron altered Waspinator's spark and turned him into the ever-loyal Vehicon general Thrust.

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