She told me
That she loved
Warm rain on asphalt
And I wanted so much
To walk outside in
The summer storm
And open my arteries
To the torrent
And let the water in.
Let it fill my body
Let the flood waters surge through
The riverbeds of my veins
To pump through my
Hot asphalt heart
So I could breathe out
The evanescence
Left after the storm.
The vapour that only rain can birth.
She'll breath deep as she does when the
Last drops
Have found their mark
And let the sweet wet air
Permeate her lungs;
The chamber of all her brilliant words
And coveted breath.
When the clouds break and
Still puddles evaporate from the
Sun baked tar and stone
To serve as a reminder of how
Beautiful water
From the sky can be;
Maybe then she can
Love me too.

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