A dorm at the University of Arkansas which is divided into suites, which basically means that you share a bathroom with a loser who is typically an order of magnitude or so more disgusting than you are. They throw a roll of toilet paper into your room once a week whether you need it or not, resulting in the accumulation of a metric assload of toilet paper over the course of a year.

The furniture sucks, even though you do get a fridge with the room(a perk at the U of A).

It used to be the atheltic dorm. Named after the Waltons, who have apparently given somewhere on the order of a metric fuckload of money to the university, which perhaps is fitting, since they own Wal-Mart, which manages to consume roughly half of the average college kids income.

If you're going to be living on campus for God's sake don't live here. Live in Gregson Hall if you can.
Walton Hall is an all male dorm at Texas A&M University. It is a "ramp-style dorm", meaning it's set up in a unique way. There are 11 "ramps", or sections of the building, each with their own enterances. You can't get from one ramp to the other without going outside and entering the other ramp's door. Each ramp has 16 rooms, with 4 on each floor. There is a hallway dividing each floor and a staircase at the end going up to the next floors (duh, where else would it go?) The 2 rooms on each side of the hallway share a bathroom. Two people live in each room, so that's 32 students per ramp.

As with all Texas A&M dorms, you must swipe your Aggie Card to gain access to the building.

Until the beginning of the fall 2000 semester, it was a non-air dorm. Yes, that's right, a dorm in the middle of Texas without air conditioning. It used to get really hot indoors, and one might consider that a bad thing, but for the people living in Walton, it was a source of pride. Only one other dorm, Hart Hall, did not have A/C. The lack of air conditioning created a unique enviroment in Walton, because everyone left their doors and windows open to create more circulation. This meant that you got to know your neighbors well, and saw them a lot. (This is not entirely the case anymore, now that there's air conditioning.)

Since it's an all-male dorm and everyone knows eachother, it quickly became known for it's wild parties and mischievous behavior. Thus, Walton Hall has the highest retention rate (student coming back to live there each year) of all the dorms on the campus. It also has the lowest GPR average most semesters compared to the other dorms.

A final note would be to be careful if you're ever walking by Walton during the end of a school year. It's nearly an Aggie Tradition that the Waltonites throw things they don't want anymore out the 4th floor hallway window. I've seen toaster ovens, vacuum cleaners, trashcans, and even a few computer monitors be gravity checked from the 4th floor.

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