A delicious breakfast treat developed by my mother in support of President Richard M. Nixon in 1972 and later served to all United States Presidents, with the exception of the Democrats, through George Herbert Walker Bush. It was also served by my mother to important persons at the fall of the Berlin Wall.

It consists of a piece of very heavily toasted sourdough bread folded in half and placed on a bed of heavy maple syrup on a plate. Given time to harden, the bread becomes a wall. On one side of the wall is piled bacon and sausage, showing the grim determination of freedom as supported by the United States of America and allies. On the other side are placed runny fried eggs with red paprika sprinkled on them to indicate cowardly communists who run at the least provocation.

Wall Sides is an absolutely delicious breakfast that can be served with coffee and sweet rolls whenever the finger licking desire for a breakfast that truly supports freedom and democracy throughout the world arises.

BrevityQuest AND RumourQuest contest entry.

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