In FurryMUCK, the "vixenator" is/was a device that turns a furry into an attractive anthropomorphic vixen.

Or so the theory goes.

In Jim Groat's "West Corner of the Park" comics, the vixenator has appeared a couple of times. In one strip, it worked as advertised (with some comments from wizards that the furries might walk into a @toading machine just as gullibly...), and later it turned into something else.

There was a series of WCotP comics, titled "Foxes are so stupid", where your average anthro-fox looks at the machine and asks the nearby wizard what it is - and the wizard says it turns its user into a big-breasted vixen "or something". The fox pushes the button, only to be flattened by a gigantic mallet. In the other parts, the fox still keeps pushing the button (not standing where he got hurt last time), only to get flattened other ways. Understandably this series got most of the negative feedback Groat has ever received from readers, particularly from foxes...

(I have met several very nice foxes who don't fall into the "gullible and yiffy" stereotype, though =)

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