This is a new feature offered by the wonderful Village Voice newspaper phenomenon: an online radio station. It plays a huge variety of music that, according to a recent advertisement, is "streaming, but not mainstream". Think Yo La Tengo, Outkast, Elvis Costello, and Billy Holiday, as well as uncountable artists I promise you have never heard of.

This station can be accessed at In addition to linking to the music and to album reviews, that site lists new songs added to the playlist, and gives one the chance to email voice radio and request that a given song never be played again.

Programs on voice radio are:
  • The Dean's List- Tuesday and Friday at 8 pm; Sunday at 4 pm: Robert Christgau, American pop writer, hosts a show patterned after his Consumer's Guide to pop music.
  • Sessions- Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 11 pm; Tuesday and Thursday at 10 pm: Concerts from clubs downtown and upstate.
  • Acoustic Breakfast- Tuesday at 6 am; Thursday 7 am; Sunday 8 am. Singer/songwriter series.
  • Lazlow's TechnoFile- Monday through Friday in the 11 am and 2 pm hours. A 60 second feature hosted by Lazlow, an inductee into the Museum of Television & Radio covering new products and tech trends, product ratings, and tech conventions.
  • The World Café- Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 9 am; Tuesday and Thursday at 12 noon. Music and interviews with host David Dye.
  • Woodstock Roundtable- Saturday at 10 am; Sunday at 6 pm. A weekly talk show produced in the legendary upstate locale, covering a mind-boggling range of topics from yoga to jug band music.
  • La Dolce Musto- Monday through Friday in the 3 and 7 pm hours. The Village Voice's Michael Musto recounting news and gossip.
  • Global Voice- Monday at 4 pm; Saturday at 6 pm; Sunday at 12 noon: Mark Zip with world music.
  • The Robin Byrd Show- Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 10 pm. Robin Byrd with interviews, in-studio guests, and interaction with the listening audience.

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