The Velvet Tongue is an advanced blowjob technique that is said to be immensely pleasurable. It was supposedly a favorite of Marilyn Monroe in her many encounters with famous men. She was quietly quite famous for her repertoire. The basic idea is to keep a warm viscous liquid in the partner's mouth to enhance the pleasure of oral sex.

Preparation (a minute before hand, this is fast):
  • Heat up a mix of water and regular honey (about 50/50) in the microwave for a few seconds.
  • Mix the two a little bit so that it is more viscous than the honey, and then re-microwave it for a few seconds
  • The resulting liquid should be a thicker than water, sweet concoction.
  • The ideal temperature should be a hot, but not scalding mixture. Think "slightly warmer than warm" (< 110 degrees, think bathwater). (Please for the love of Christ, be careful ladies; those things are sensitive)


My suggestion is to put a drop of the mixture on to a sensitive, non-genital part (an inner thigh perhaps) of the man to be receiving this great pleasure, for temperature testing. Once this is set, the giver places it into her (or his) mouth, and coats their tongue as much as possible with the liquid. The warm, sweet liquid greatly enhances pleasure for the male, and reduces any poor taste of those regions for the partner.

This is a great technique for those who don't want to get too crazy, but want to try something awesome. The Velvet Tongue is a tad messy (as it does involve honey), so keep warm water around, or take a shower afterwards. Again, be careful about the temperature. Many people prefer the consistency of the mixture differently. Experiment and as with anything, have fun.

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