Game console produced by General Consumer Electronics from 1982 to 1984. The 8-bit Vectrex featured a vector scan (x-y) display, was powered by a Motorola 6809 microprocessor, and weighed fifteen pounds.

Add-ons included a light pen, shipped with a game called Art Master, that allowed "drawing" on the screen in that game, Animaction, and Melody Master. A 3-D Imager was also released, and transparent overlays were created to enhance gameplay.

Interesting note about the Vectrex. Smith Engineering, the original developers of the Vectrex, now condone the not-for-profit circulation of any and all duplicatable materials from the Vectrex, including games and manuals.

Complete Vectrex system cartridge list.

The VT 360X series of games require the Light Pen (VT 3600), and the VT 363x series of games reqire the 3-D Imager (VT 3630). The last set of games, without model numbers, are games released by third parties (individuals) programming the machine for fun, and many are not even available as carts, but simply as ROM images.

There was also a Computer Adapter with BASIC in the works, and there are rumors that prototypes do exist. There were plans for the adapter to include a keyboard, printer, disk drive, and a modem, along with word processing, music, programming, and LOGO software.

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