Probot is a heavy metal album put together by Dave Grohl of Nirvana and Foo Fighters fame. Released in late 2003, this compilation of 12 raw and dirty metal songs is a bit of a statement by Grohl showing where his musical roots are, but also ends up producing one seriously good album.

Grohl wrote and/or played much of the music on the album. The lyrics were always done by the featured artist on the track, and if they played an instrument, that would be an exception (for example, Lemmy plays bass on "Shake Your Blood"). Whats great is that the songs, though mostly written by Grohl, actually sound like songs by the featured artists' band; the Lemmy track sounds like a Motörhead song.

Track list with artists:

  1. Centuries of Sin (w/Cronos from Venom)
  2. Red War (w/Max Cavalera from Soulfly / Sepultura)
  3. Shake Your Blood (w/Lemmy from Motörhead)
  4. Access Babylon (w/Mike Dean from C.O.C.)
  5. Silent Spring (w/Kurt Brecht from D.R.I.)
  6. Ice Cold Man (w/Lee Dorrian from Cathedral / Napalm Death)
  7. The Emerald Law (w/Wino from The Hidden Hand / Place of Skulls / The Obsessed)
  8. Big Sky (w/Tom G. Warrior from Apollyon Sun / Celtic Frost)
  9. Dictatosaurus (w/Snake from Voïvod)
  10. My Tortured Soul (w/Eric Wagner from Trouble)
  11. Sweet Dreams (w/King Diamond from Mercyful Fate)

Available on Southern Lord Records. Vinyl available as well.

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