Vancouver Film School is a vocational school composed of three campuses within a two-block radius in downtown Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The school is accredited by the Private Post-Secondary Education Commission of British Columbia.

VFS has a philosophy of immersion training, highly portfolio driven, encouraging students to learn through the production process itself, to enter the film industry as fast as possible. The school offers nine full time programs: film, 3D animation and digital effects, digital character animation, sound design for visual media, classical animation, new media, writing for film and television, acting for film and television, and makeup for film and television.

There are 750 students in the nine full-time programs, and more than 2000 students in the 50 part-time courses. The programs are condensed, and students complete their programs often in less than a year, which allows the school to compete with universities.

VFS opened in 1987, with only 12 film students. In 1991, they added the world's first 3D animation-production program. In 1994, they created the first training centre for new media fully-dedicated to production. In 1997, they added to their classical animation program the largest educational digital paint and effects lab in Canada. In 1998, they introduced the acting program.

The school's official newsletter is called Splice, and is published bimonthly.

Kevin Smith of film scriptwriting, directing, producing, and acting fame, is VFS's most famous dropout.

#200, 198 W. Hastings
Vancouver, BC
Canada, V6B 1H2
Phone: 604.685.5808

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